Monday, February 25, 2008

It's good to be in ND

We went to visit my brother and family this weekend in Devils Lake and I finally got to see my son experience a little ND winter! We haven't had much snow in Minot, so this was actually the first time we dressed him up in snowpants and boots. How cute are little ones waddling around in their winter gear? I love it! Anyway, his uncle Curt gave him his first sled ride with the snowmobile. It was the perfect winter day.

Which got me many people are convinced that we are crazy for living in ND. I say they're crazy. I CAN'T IMAGINE not having winter and snow and even cold. Have you ever seen the pure joy on a child's face from romping around in the snow? I think of all the memories I have as a kid building snow forts, sledding, riding snowmobiles, ice skating, throwing snow balls, making snow angels and climbing (and climbing and climbing) up those hills only to experience the one minute rush of racing back down.

Spending the weekend with my family was just another reminder of how lucky I am and how excited I am to give my son all the same moments that I had growing up. As we sipped hot chocolate afterward, I thought it was a Norman Rockwell moment.

I know we curse the cold and blizzards seem to change our plans sometimes, but on a day like Saturday, I'm sure glad I live in North Dakota!!

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