Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obey the power of Photoshop

I run a little side business manipulating images in Photoshop. It serves its purpose and provides a great example for people who are unable to visualize things in their head. It is just a great way to take advantage of a very powerful tool.....our friendly little psd.

On the other hand, being a graphic designer and having the ability to use those tools as I wish may frighten some...and it has. Some of my friends have been terrified to give me a photo of themselves, just for the fact that someday I may get bored and play. (insert wicked little laugh here) I admit, I've done it before. I've added a few curly afros to the best of them. I've meshed faces seemlessly onto bodies they only wish they had. Oh, I've played, people...and it was damn fun.

But, today I got an email titled : What celebrities would look like if they lived in Wisconsin (hence the nice little photo of Jennifer Aniston below) It was one of the best things I've gotten in awhile. This guy takes the power of Photoshop to a whole new level. Love it!

Check it.

And remember folks...never, ever fork with a graphic designer.

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