Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why not comic sans?

So, I received a comment to my previous post inquiring, "What's wrong with comic sans?"

I'm not really saying that I want a complete font banned. I told my intern the other day that comic sans was not allowed in this office. ;-) But, then I had to back-up and admit that there is a time and a place. Yes, good 'ol Comic Sans does have an appropriate use out there somewhere.

It is more about making a statement. How do you explain typography and how important it is in the world of graphic design? How do you teach how a font can communicate to your audience? says it best:

Like the tone of a spoken voice, the characteristics of a typeface convey meaning. The design of the typeface is, in itself, its voice. Often this voice speaks louder than the text itself. Thus when designing a "Do Not Enter" sign the use of a heavy-stroked, attention-commanding font such as Impact or Arial Black is appropriate. Typesetting such a message in Comic Sans would be ludicrous. Though this is sort of misuse is frequent, it is unjustified. Clearly, Comic Sans as a voice conveys silliness, childish naivete, irreverence, and is far too casual for such a purpose. It is analogous to showing up for a black tie event in a clown costume.


Anonymous said...

Comic Sans Rulez!!!!!!!!

thorens said...

Like any typeface, there is a time and a place for even Comic Sans... like 3 panel comic strips and um...ok then. What shocks me even more is that this typeface is in the short list of "web safe" fonts. What?!