Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Greet them with a smile

I had the chance to listen to Bill Geist speak again today. This time the topic was mostly on customer service and I had to laugh to myself as I wondered if good 'ol Super Barb happened to be in the room. Once again, I really enjoyed his presentation. While I don't have a lot of front-line contact with clients designing web sites, it is nice to learn a few tips on dealing with my Uppercase Living customers.

I also learned that maybe next time I run into a rude service industry person, that I shouldn't let it ruin my day, like I did with Super Barb. I will try and turn the tide and shower her with kindness and empathy. (hey, I said TRY)

Bottom line....we all have bad days. We all get really frustrated with our jobs and life, but if we mostly believe that only we can control our attitudes, we may walk through life with a lighter step. So, today, a happy post thanks to Bill. I feel inspired.

"Change your mind and change the world"

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thedishwithtrish said...

Positive energy attracts positive energy... we were all on the same wave length today... did you see web2.0ceo's quote of the day?