Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I love my dog

I was just thinking of how much I love my dog.

You know, she can be a pain in my side. She doesn't listen worth a crap. I say 'come'. She stays. I say 'sit'. She runs away.

But I love my dog.

She insists that our bed is now her bed and how dare you try and sleep there without rearranging around her. With my hubby taking up his share and her with the other, it leaves no room for me.

But I love my dog.

Everyday I curse the dog hair in my home. It's on the floor, on the furniture, and heaven forbid you try and wear black clothes.

But I love my dog.

Sometimes she gets sick and decides to puke all over the floor. She has 90% hardwood and tile to make her mess, but she still chooses to hack up vomit all over the one rug I cannot throw in the wash.

But I love my dog.

When the baby is asleep, she decides to sneak in the room and shake and scratch with her ID tags making just enough noise to wake him. She chews, licks, whines, barks, scratches, growls, and steals food.

But man, I love my dog.

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