Monday, March 17, 2008

Not so super after all

I went to "Super" WalMart this weekend and I was reminded once again, why I LOVE TARGET! Believe me, I try to avoid WalMart, but every once in awhile, I fool myself into believing that it is just a quick stop and more convenient to pick up what I need, along with groceries. But every time I walk away mad. EVERY TIME! So, why do I do it?

Usually they are out of whatever I need. Or no one will help you. Or they only have two check-outs open for the bazillions of people that are waiting in line. So, yesterday I thought I'd be smart and use the garden center entrance and check-out there. Welcome to "Barb is having a really bad day and don't piss her off anymore then you have to" check-out. Now, I'm not asking for much. Just a teeny bit of customer service would do. Maybe even a slight smile. Just fake it if you have to.

I didn't realize until I went to check-out that the items I was going to purchase were damaged. I told her that I didn't want them. They were damaged. WOW, you would have thought I just stole her lollipop for the dirty look I got. Can I help it that your merchandise is damaged? As she huffed and puffed about how she had to walk 5 steps to set aside the items, she continued to shoot daggers as she finished with my items. I may have even caught her rolling her eyes. Man, what did I do to you, Barb?

Anyway, just add it to the long list of things that seem to happen when I visit our lovely super store. And yes, Barb probably had been on her feet for 8 hours dealing with who-knows-what and I should give her the benefit of the doubt. But today in Blogville, Barb is getting the brunt of my frustrations. You're a mean one, Super Barb.

PS. Did I say how much I love Target?


Reverb said...

Aaaaaah, so much better than Sam's Club as well!

Anonymous said...

WalMart SUCKS!! Target RULES!! Oh, yeah so does Comic Sans... Ha, Ha! Miss ya!