Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Re-re-re-re decorating

I found yet another magazine that I want to order. It's called Wonder time. While browsing through it yesterday in a waiting room, I also found an awesome rug that I wish I could buy for my son's room. For those of you that know me well, I have an obsession with decorating which may or may not get me into trouble. (buying new things to re-decorate every few years) I call it my Grandma Gwen syndrome. (my relies understand the term) But I also do it on a very tight budget as my eyes are definitely bigger then my wallet. I suppose I should just stick to re-designing in my head...much cheaper that way! Another great trick I use it to move things from one room to another to make it feel 're-done'. This has worked well for me. Little things can always make a difference. This weekend, I removed my son's rug, added different bedding and threw a red gingham sheet over his rocking chair to make his room a little more big boy-ish and not so much like a nursery. Some small ideas, but they changed the look quite a bit.

Anywho.......considering his rug that I just had to have from Crate and Barrel is only a few years old, I am sure I won't actually purchase another one, but it is a good find that I had to share.
Check out the rug and other items on this cool site.

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