Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I just have to say it

Well, I feel the need to vent a little. It is the day after election day in my fine city. On any given day, you will find me quite happy with where I live. I usually find myself defending ol' Minot to the naysayers and pessimists. After all, I was raised here and I chose to stay here and raise my family here. I emphatically defend Minot to those who currently live here and complain, to those who have left and will never come back. I'm one that actually speaks highly of Minot and I'm truly happy here. But, on this day after election day, I find myself really struggling to be optimistic.

First of all....a measly turn out at the poles....WHY??? How many votes were cast? Somewhere around 7k out of the $30k+ that live here. Is that sad? Or is this normal for every town? Someone with more political statistical knowledge please enlighten me.

Second of all...the Measure #2 to fund a local community bowl project was rejected, to which I say to the people in my town:

Sense 1:
progressive (vs. regressive)
regressive (vs. progressive)

atavistic, throwback(prenominal)
retrograde, retrogressive
returning, reverting
unmodernized, unmodernised

For the first time in a long time, I am a little embarrassed of my town.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear friend, I to was disappointed, but not really surprised. The good citizens of this town - and I hate to say this - more often than not lack the forward vision that is needed for us to stay competitive and a vibrant community.

Personally, I come from the land of high taxes, Minnesota - the Twin Cities. Yes, the taxes were high - but you know what - we had opportunity because of it. I could go on, but here's some numbers for you.

These #'s were all based upon the 2004 general election results, and the 2006 Census. On average, 76% of the total population of an area is eligible to vote. Of those 76%, in the '04 election 65.23% did vote.

The population of Minot being 34,475, that would give us 26,400 eligible voters. 65% of that would be 26,400 - and that would maintain the norm. I'd say we were off by about 19,000 people.

Why don't people care? Apathy. Everyone has time for the mall, for television, for going out to eat. Everybody has money to spend on Starbucks, Applebees and McDonalds, but nobody has time to vote and nobody wants to spend a dime on the future.


Anonymous said...

Whoops! 17,000 would be the norm based upon these numbers so we were only off by about 10,000. Yay!

DailyRX said...

Thank you so much for your comments!!

Anonymous said...

I was born and raised here in Minot (looking to leave very soon for lack of employment opportunities). I was very much against this idea of a community bowl, and cannot believe that so many "young professionals" were behind the idea. As a group that is focused on the greater good of the Minot area, tell me what exactly would be the advantages of a Community Bowl?
One interesting idea that I never heard about was an alternative way to use the money to "better" Minot.
In my opinion, it would be MUCH more beneficial to the city of Minot to use the money to lure in businesses who would continue to provide JOBS to young, educated professionals in the Minot area. I think 11 million could be spent on getting companies to come to our area instead of a Community Bowl. Part of me would like to stay in the area since it is close to family, but due to lack of ZERO opportunity for employment in my field, I am basically forced to leave the state, as I know so many others are "forced (for lack of a better term)" to do.
I am frankly a little shocked that I never read any letters to the editor in the Minot Daily News that addressed this idea of brining businesses to town that would provide guaranteed residual income. I surely cannot be the only one who thought of this angle.

P.S. - it's voting POLLS, not POLES. ;)

DailyRX said...

Sorry you feel that way. I personally would love to see such a facility in Minot for both the youth and the adults to enjoy. I don't see the DISadvantages, really. But this is just my opinion.

As far as using "the money" to bring businesses to Minot...ever heard of the Magic Fund???

P.S. - it's BRINGING, not BRINING. ;-)