Friday, July 25, 2008

Dog Thoughts: Part 2

Ok, so far the Tequila Comment is in the lead for my funniest comment on Dog Thoughts.
Here's a new one. I always loved this picture and it should give you some great inspiration!
You know what to do. Comment with your caption. Make me laugh.


BlueGirl said...

Now Mr. Spitzer, you know I need the money up front.

BlueGirl said...

“I’ve only got 15 minutes left on my 36-hour dose of Cialis.”

“Now’s our chance – all the garden hoses are put away in the garage.”

“Why yes, that does look like a tick on your ear.”

“C’mon, Laura, I’ll pretend to be the Commander in Chief and you pretend to be Iran.”

Scott Wild said...

"I may be a bitch, but I am NOT YOUR BITCH!"


"I don't care about Candy's t-shirt from Las Vegas about backrubs"


"My dream to become the first dog proctologist is turning into a nighmare with these claws"


"Who's your puppy?"

Anonymous said...

Eew! Morning breath!