Thursday, August 14, 2008

Missing in Minot

So, the subject of bringing new things to Minot got me thinking last night about some of the businesses that have come and gone over the years. Change is good, but some of them I really miss. Here is my list of most missed places in Minot in no particular order.

1. The Spice and Spirit - you just can't beat lunch dates at the SnS....and the salad bar. YUM
2. Kings Food Host - ok, you so always walked away smelling like grease, but they had the coolest telephones in the booth where you placed your order. I always got a kick out of that as a kid.
3. Piggly Wiggly - Mom always referred to it as Pigs. "Run down to Pigs and pick up some milk." Gotta love Pigs
4. Dusty's - across from Roosevelt Park. I loved their hamburgers. It was a cool little place.
(I'm noticing all my fond memories revolve around food places....hmmmm)
5. Not food...a different sort of location. There is a housing development called Edgewood Addition. It used to be a field and I spent many hours playing in the coulees. There was also a pond that would freeze over in the winter where I would ice skate. Funny thing is, now my friend is building a house in that very same spot!
6. The Skadium! - seriously, the Skadium was the coolest. How many birthday parties did we have there? First dates? And the smell... there was this indescribable smell. Probably a combination of stinky feet and rubber.
7. Bump and Tilt - I think that was the name. It had an arcade and bumper cars. I guess I was priming myself for the chiropractor visits later on in life!
8. St. Joes (St. Joseph's Hospital) - maybe a little weird to add this to the list, but I have my reasons.
9. Happy Joes Pizza in the mall - It was a treat to stop at Happy Joes after shopping, mostly for the ice cream, though.
10. Oak Park Pool - they replaced it with a very neat water park for the kids, but it was a great pool back in the day...

What do you miss?


Rockin' said...

Where do I start??

Cafe Continental - the memories of "double fish" and a marriage proposal (good times)

North Hill Foods - stealing candy & buying cigarettes (good times)

North Kmart - what can you say? North Kmart was the best!

Bakers - that was the best shoe store.. great prices & awesome shoes!

B&B Drug - Damn, I miss that place

Mr. Steak - me, my Dad & my Grandpa... (memories)

Speedway (before kids were allowed)- when you couldn't wait to turn 21 so you could eat there...

Dugout Bar - great happy hour, food, sand volleyball & ladies night.

Ryan's Family Dining - the best food money could buy when you thought it was a good idea to eat @ 1am

I agree on the smell from the Skadium... it was stinky feet, lysol and teen spirit... Gross... The memory of seeing for the first time people "french kissing"... very impressionable for an 8 year old.. What a classy place...

DailyRX said...

Ohhhh, those were some good ones, Rockin!

Where was Mr. Steak again?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am old enough to remember all of those places - you hit a lot of the ones I was thinking of adding!

The ones that come to mind are:

Bubble Up (now where Risque's is) - a great little candy store that had the BEST selection of candy for really cheap!

Little Hermes - downtown on Central....I think it is a yarn store there now. Back in the day when being "alternative" was the cool thing to do. Just a hang out / venue for bands and people to chill.

Oak Park News Arcade - now occupied by Obama headquarters, on 4th Ave. Another great little place for candy. I would always ride my bike over there when we were done swimming at Oak Park.

Broadway News & Video - now an insurance office. Right next to the North Hill DQ. Cute little store and good selection of magazines not available anywhere else in Minot.

Sweethearts Coffee shop - downtown on Main. Now Abracadabra balloons. Was only in there once, but it was cool.

Benetton - yes, we had a Benetton in Minot! Out at the mall. It is now Old Navy.

Bonanza. Holy crap, I loved Bonanza as a kid. All you can eat dessert is a dream come true to a child!

Moo Fin Cluck - short lived, but it was a restaurant on North Hill. I think it is United Blood Services to the Starlite? It was a restaurant that specialized in Beef, Fish, and Chicken (like the name suggests). And it was CHEAP! Loved going there.

The Vineyard / Tilly's/ Laffing Iguana - Now known as the Original...

Red Owl - grocery store, now where Tractor Supply is, on Broadway.

That One Place - now a parking lot north of the Chicago Club. Cool venue for local bands.

Minot Food - now a parking lot for courthouse employees.
George was the best!

Sunshine Grocery - over by Little Flower school. Now just a residential house. I'm noticing a pattern...I seem to have a memory for neighborhood grocery stores. haha!

Anonymous said...

Sweetheart Bakery......I can still smell that part of cruising Broadway!

Bee's Bottle Shop (I think that was it) The first place I was able to "fake" it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Daily Rx, don't you miss the donut shop which is now that Bagel place? Good memories in the house behind the business :o)

DailyRX said...

Hey anon,
Actually, I miss smelling the chicken when it was some chicken place. Can't remember the name...

This has been so fun seeing all the responses.

I'm adding Minot Food to my list, too. George was the best!

Chris Martin said...

Class of 81

Here are some places I remember:

Village Inn Pizza - North Hill

King Leo's - South Broadway

A&W - South Broadway Loved the Mama Burgers

Osco drug and Woolworths - downtown, used to but my 45's at those places

Tempo's - Arrowhead mall west Minot

Aunt Chiladas taco's - North Hill just below the old Ramada Inn

There was a Polynesian restaurant(or at least a restaurant that served Polynesian food) back in the early 70's across from the fairgrounds, but I can't remember the name of it

Kings food host - on south Broadway just out of downtown

The Elks supper club - downtown, is that still there?

Field and Stream - just north of the airport. Cool restaurant, actually had a stream running around the tables