Friday, September 12, 2008

The FedEx Logo

I was reading a blog about the all-time best logos. The FedEx logo is a strong logo, but have you ever noticed the arrow that forms between the E and the X? I feel a little silly admitting that I'm just discovering this now. (DUH moment) I'm sure this is one of those segments of designerly knowledge as common as the Nike logo being designed for $35. Well, this designer is humbly admitting that I missed this one and it just goes to show that you learn something new everyday.

Here's an excerpt from the designer, Mr. Lindon Leader
snagged from this complete interview

If you put a lower-case “x” to the right of a capital “E” (Ex) you can begin to see a hint of an arrow, though it is clumsy and extremely abstract. I thought that, if I could develop this concept of an “arrow” it could be promoted as a symbol for speed and precision, both FedEx communicative attributes. And, by the way, different kinds of arrows were utilized with some of the other semi-final candidates, though none of those were “hidden.”

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