Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ignorant statement

It's time for me to vent a little. I ran across a really ignorant statement from a former high school classmate of mine. Here's the scenario:

Classmate A is living in Colorado, getting married and has a wedding website, compliments of a free template.

Classmate B is now living in North Carolina I believe, views the website and makes the following comment in the guestbook.

"This is sweet, never seen one like this before. But yet we are from minot, and so theres not too many people with Broadband yet, im sure!! Ha,ha!"

There are so many things about this statement that really chaps my a**. First of all, HELLO?!?!? You've never seen one like this before? Where the h*** have you been? I had my own wedding website five years ago. One I designed and built myself. My wonderfully talented programmer friends added every feature this one has, including online RSVP, etc. etc. Thank you very much.

Second of all, not too many people in Minot with broadband? Give me a break. These people that move out of ND for 'bigger and better' and then dis Minot need to get real. I've personally been in the web industry for 11 years and yes, we in North Dakota do view our sites through a broadband connection. I would love for Tom at SRT to school Classmate B on all the advanced services that companies in ND do provide.

I wish Classmate B would read this blog post, but since I'm from Minot I may have to hand write it with my quill pen, get on my horse and deliver it to the local Post Office.


Anonymous said...

Amen! Thank you for this post. I am from Minot, chose to stay in Minot and think we have it pretty good here in Minot.

We not only have broadband, but have great access to technology here.

Anonymous said...

I agree, why is it when Minot people leave Minot they assume this attitude they are better and smarter than the population here?

Anonymous said...

Totally in agreement! Aren't there facts out there that state that North Dakota citizens are smarter than the average person? Why do the people who leave this awesome state cop an attitude that they become better than everyone else? Always remember who you are WHERE YOU CAME FROM PEOPLE!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's necessarily an attitude of being "better" than people who've chosen to remain in ND...I think it may be a case of "more experienced." It is a fact that once you've lived outside of ND, and traveled to a variety of places, you just have more life experiences involving different people, cultures, and customs.
Face it, although good people, ND is made up largely of people in the agricultural profession. While they are good at what they do, and we'd be lost without them, "cultured" is generally not a term associated with farmers. That being said, North Dakotans who have gotten a college education, and moved onto bigger and better opportunities in metropolitan areas can, indeed, feel justified in feeling that they are smarter than the majority of the population. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but for the most part, having more experiences and traveling further than the midwest region of the country generally puts people at an advantage in terms of intellectualism vs. North Dakotans who have never left the farm.