Friday, September 12, 2008

Test your color IQ

Thanks suffix.abuse for posting this fun color test. The point is to re-arrange the color squares according to hue. As you can see, I'm not perfect, but a 4 fared well in my age/gender category. Try it if you need a break in your day!


Scott Wild said...


I scored a 28. I think the next screen was going to tell me to go back to "Garanimals" for my clothing line.

Obviously I would still screw that one up.

Kramer said...

15 was my first test...I may have to try again though. It is the competitive edge coming out.

tama-lama-digdong :) said...

I GOT A 4 TOO!!! Hurray for graphic designers! :) haha

DVD said...

I scored a 34. I thought it was a great score, Tami said she scored a 4. I still think a 34 is good. My score went up on the Blue line.. I guess it's a male thing.