Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A logo I like

My friend and colleague has a company, Wild Inspire, and one of his brainchild branches is a business that provides team trivia. He recently went through a name change, which included re-branding. A new logo was developed centered around the 'team' trivia aspect. He also provides a resource for trivia hosts to build their own trivia business. And what do they need? A trivia toolbox of course! This is the new logo established for the Trivia Toolbox. I don't know who the designer is, but it is a great logo that really stands out from the rest. To me, the color scheme is reminiscent of "simple simon" and that just brings back memories of games and fun. The question marks tell the tale of trivia, while the ridges/bolts display an added effect representing the toolbox. I just think this logo is well thought out. Sharp. Kudos to the designer. I wish I could have helped, but I think he/she pulled it off much better then I could have!!

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Scott Wild said...

Hey...thanks for the kind words, bud! I like our logo too!