Friday, November 14, 2008

Digital Art

Ok, so I assigned my class a fun digital art assignment. They had to choose five different objects from which they had to base their design. They didn't, however, have a choice of what they got. The objects (chosen by me) ranged anywhere from a pickle, to a pink tutu, a yam, a knife, a garden gnome, etc. etc. The purpose of the assignment was to open their minds and explore their creativity, all while exercising their design ability.
It was interesting to see which path they took to create their piece. Some chose to combine hand drawing with vector, some used complete vector and some used photo manipulation. Some ideas were quite amusing and had a story, (a roller skating hot dog carrying a sword, not knowing his fate of skating too close to the electrical wires!) while others created a piece that was subjective and open for interpretation. I hope they had a good time with it. After all, why be a designer if you can't have fun once in awhile? And as promised, I even participated in the assignment with them.

Pictured above is my digital art using the following items:
  • a fairy

  • a crack in the sidewalk

  • an eyeball

  • an oak tree

  • pigs (yes, pigs)

If you dig digital art like this, you may want to check out Deviant Art's digital section.
For this piece I used various images from istock.

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Anonymous said...

I found everything except the flippin pigs. Interesting!!! That class sounds like fun.