Monday, November 10, 2008

Random observations on a Monday

My brain is on overload as I was consumed by a menagerie of thoughts on my lunch break today. First I was observing all of the old signs that adorn many businesses along 3rd St. I thought to myself that I'll have to take photos of them and share them with you. There is something intriguing about the mystique of old signs; the typography, colors, style, etc.

Then I observed what a gorgeous winter day it is. After being stuck in the snow storm and cursing the weather for three days, today was one of those times where the beauty of it all really hit me. Of course I can say this now that I am HOME. Anyway, I wish I could just take the afternoon off and spend it taking photos. The snow is resting so gently on the trees. It is one of those rare moments in time where everything seems so peaceful. By this evening, it will have melted away and turned into dirty mush.

Lastly, I saw kids playing in the snow, moms giving sleigh rides, and vans full of mommies and kiddies rushing about. (Was it a Norman Rockwell lunch, or what?) It really got me thinking lucky are these women? Do they not work full time? How come all the mommies were out with their kids while I was rushing back to the office? Hmmmm. Makes me wonder what percentage of moms get to spend those precious years at home with their kids. I, for one, feel very jealous of them today. My little man is off exploring life and learning new things each day as I sit here in front of this computer and write to a bunch of people in blogland. Doesn't seem right, does it?


jeanne said...

this jealousy is something i know. i'm not proud of this, but at one point i so resented the stay-at-home, mops-mommies that i couldn't be around them. i had to work but i had guilt when i was at work that i wasn't at home with my kids and then i had guilt when i was at home with my kids that i wasn't at work. fun, huh?

DailyRX said...

not fun. well, at least you've proved that you can be a success at both!

Anonymous said...

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