Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bickham Script: beautiful, but over-used?

I couldn't help but notice Lori Line's re-vamp of her logo using Bickham Script. This font is no doubt beautiful, but I wonder if it is getting to the point of being over-used?

As I was exploring this font more in depth, I realized (even more) that I really have A LOT to learn about type....Latin Capitals, floating accents, Latin lowercase, ligatures, ornaments, stylistic alternatives, swash, etc. etc. etc. Man, do I need to take time to study type.

What are your thoughts? Bickham Script, over-used?

I still love it :-)

Richard Lipton’s Bickham Script is a flowing, formal script typeface based on the lettering of 18th century writing masters, as rendered in the unparalleled engravings of George Bickham. This ornate script lends a signature flourish to invitations, menus, annual reports, restaurant logos, and packaging. With dozens of alternate letterforms in addition to its range of weights, Bickham Script’s personality can range from poised to extravagant. It is intended primarily for display settings.

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miss.supafly said...

You know I remember first discovering Bickham and then later discovering all its wonderful glyphs and I about died. I definitely use it when I can work another typeface the way I want. I use it in my logo and while I love the way it looks, I do feel like the Bickham part screams: "You couldn't think of something more original?" So, I'm in the middle I guess. I love the typeface, but definitely think you see it everywhere. I guess the test is when a designer can make you forget that the same typeface is used in their designs because of the other elements incorporated.