Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Doodle and Type

When I was a kid, I had a book of type that was my absolute favorite. (see above) How funny that I would find such an interest in the beauty of type at such a young age. Of course, I did my fair share of rainbow drawings, too, but there was something about doodling letter forms and trying to perfect my own fonts that fascinated me.

I was reminded of this while paging through my new Herb Lubalin book that I just inherited from our Sr. Creative Director. (Thanks, Bruner) Wow, such a master! I think those of us that have only known a world of graphic design on a computer really need to step back and appreciate not only these masters, but the design world that we only wish we had known.

Hand lettering seems to be making a comeback in the world of design lately. Even websites and blog templates are utilizing this more and more. It isn't a perfected art, but it does express a more natural feel. It makes me want to run far away from my computer, get out a pen and cozy up in the corner...Circa 1984!

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miss.supafly said...

AAHHH!!! I had that book too and FREAKING LOVED IT!!! Thanks so much for reminding me of it. I'll have to forward that to my dad -- he watched me tote that thing around with me everywhere. ;)

P.S. If you like that song by Pink, Genius on iTunes also recommends the following (all of which I downloaded immediately):

Grace by Saving Jane
Porcelain Doll by Megan McCauley
Let Go by Lindsay McCaul
Pull of the Moon by Jodie Manross