Monday, March 9, 2009

Featured Friend

I'm featuring some of the great work by a friend of mine. He is a very talented scratchboard artist and my favorites are the pieces he has done of labs. Having done just one scratchboard lab portrait in my lifetime, I have such an appreciate for the patience and detail that goes into each piece.
images snagged from
News from his site:

A few pieces of my artwork will be appearing in the Dean Johnson
in Indianapolis, Indiana. They will be there in conjunction with the
Scratching the Surface Show, March 6-26, 2009. Please stop by and see them,
along with the tremendous artwork from international artists.


Anonymous said...

Wow! they are unbelievable. You have to see these up close to appreciate the time and effort put forth on scratch art.

Greg Erickson said...

I am honored that you featured me in your blog!
The show is awesome if anyone is near Indy before 3-26 they should really check it out. We had people waiting to get in to the gallery all night long. Some even went home to get their friends. The artist's in that show are unbelievable!!!!