Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cable: pay per channel?

The battle between our local FOX affiliate and Midcontinent, our local cable provider has brought up some interesting questions. Should we only pay for the channels we want to watch? Should we be able to customize our cable package? If we had that choice, however, wouldn't we be facing much more cost for those channels that are the most popular, while now, it evens out the playing field with channels that don't receive as much viewership?

I found the topic very interesting. Here is one website that breaks it down; cost per channel.

What are your thoughts?
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BlueGirl said...

OMG. No Fox means no "24." I'd go all Jack Bauer on their asses.

The good news is so many shows are available online these days, including "24." Newspapers are already dinosaurs. Other media risk the same fate if they don't give their customers something they want, need, and can't get anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Just another example of stupidity where the consumer will probably get the short end of the deal.