Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Every Mom Needs a Wife: Part 2

Here is a typical Tuesday from another friend. ((Aren't women amazing?))

Wake up, shower (brush teeth & pee while in the shower to save time),make-up, referee (kid argument), hair, referee (kid argument), get everything ready for my son's project - find glue stick/picture, make/pack lunches, back car out of the garage so we can put the dog in the garage when we leave, leave & drop kids off @ school, go back home to get camera (put dog in garage & take out garbage- forgot 5 minutes ago when we 1st left the house), rush to work (wait for train),work 1 hour, rush to the Dome, chaperone 10 kids for 5 hours, hike 4 flights of stairs to leave the dome (2 more flights of stairs to get to my car), grab lunch @ Hardee's(cuz of course I didn't pack myself lunch), rush back to work, eat cold food all afternoon at my desk, rush home for supper (mac& cheese - thanks hubby), dishes(try to find my kitchen), gather more endless laundry to take downstairs, pay some bills (pray, "please don't cash for a week"), help with homework& practice spelling words, referee (kid argument), plan Easter (phone call w/ Mom), pick out Wednesday clothes, referee (kid argument), iron Wednesday clothes, collapse in bed, catch 5 minutes of Chelsea Lately (wtf? a rerun?),fake a headache, fall asleep (pray while contemplating what I forgot & will need to do on Wednesday).


Anonymous said...

Hilarious!!! brings back memories.

Anonymous said...

your friends are hilarious!! are they always this funny?

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