Friday, April 10, 2009

More Easter Decor

Thought I'd share a few hints of Easter that I have in my home. Since I don't have too much of a contemporary feel to my home, (I'm pretty much Rustic Revival all the way) it's a little easier to add some holiday decorations that I can purchase locally. I got the Easter Egg Ball, as I like to call it, years ago from Pier 1 and I still like it. It adds a nice touch hanging from my birch branches. (yes, I have actual birch branches in my home) The chair is a great find that I purchased from a local store, Preserved Petals (you must visit this store if you're ever in Minot)and then added a punched copper square container I got when I used to sell Southern Living at Home. The whole thing probably would have been cuter with all cream colored eggs, but this will have to do this year.

To find out your decorating style, go to and take the quiz. I'm majority Rustic Revival, with a mix of Modern Elegance, Vintage Modern, Cottage Chic, and Classic.

Thanks to suffix.abuse for finding this fun site.

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