Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thoughts from a web designer

In my last post, I spoke about designing a website and inadvertently creating a whole brand just from that site design. Sometimes it's ok.

Sometimes, though, it's downright annoying. If I had known from the get go of all the things those web graphics would be used for, it may be a different story. For example.... I design a website for a client - In most cases, those graphic are theirs to keep. Where they go after you hand them over is any body's guess. I've been AMAZED at where some of the design elements end up.

Here are some of the most annoying:

1. Using web graphics in print. Taking the already compressed JPG and slapping it in a high rez print product. NO NO NO! Naughty. It's intention was for WEB, not print. I'm flattered that you liked it, but... NO NO NO!

2. OK, so they have enough sense to request high rez images for print. They liked them so much they are now using them for the brochure, the catalogs, the whatever.... everything I did now must be re-created for high rez. I'm a 72 Dpi girl...work with me people!

3. I work in HEX. The only PMS I know comes once a month.

4. Other designers are going to use the graphics you created for other projects. Powerpoints, wallpapers, etc. etc. etc. Again, I know I designed them for the client and technically they are theirs, but I still have a little designer pride. It's hard to just hand over something I worked so hard to develop and someone else gets to throw it wherever they want. If this happens internally, then it's all good. We're working together to create a consistent theme. If not...annoying.

5. Design a website. Client goes to another provider. Takes the design with them, but slaps on new programming. New company puts their name on it. (looks like they designed it, now doesn't it??) A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G.

I realize this is probably un-professional venting on my blog this way ( I usually try to keep things positive). After all, this is my job. In most cases you have to let a lot of things roll off your back. It must be a mood I'm in today, though, as my fingers can't type as fast as my thoughts.

I guess I'll just chalk it up and take it as a compliment. After all, if they didn't like the design in the first place, they wouldn't want to use it elsewhere. Always find the silver lining, right?



Scott Wild said...

You bring up some awesome points. I wonder if the clients don't need to be "educated" up front about some of these issues. Most people don't know about the compression factor and what it would take to create a "hi-res" version. You could quote them on a "package" that offers the high-res elements (which could be developed by other departments in your company at an additional charge, of course) and given to them with a "blue print for use" manual.

You are right. Your work is sooo damn good people want to show it off! Nobody can touch your web designs when you are in the zone. That's why the scrape and skin. :) Your points are valid.

Anonymous said...

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