Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Every Mom Needs A Wife

I have a friend that needs to blog. She has a way with words and she's flippen hilarious! So since she does not blog, I am posting her email to me today. To all my fellow moms, enjoy.

"During a quick stop at home over lunch today, I was able to catch 6minutes of yesterday’s Oprah that I DVR’d. Her show was about the ‘Secret Lives of Moms,’and based on what I heard in the first 6 minutes, I plan to watch the remaining 54 minutes over the next few days when I have a few spare moments. The impetus for today’s email comes from one of Oprah’s quotes: “every mom needs a wife.”

Hallelujah, Oprah!

I woke to my 5:30am alarm after getting up multiple times last night with my baby who is in the heart of a “wonder week.” After getting myself ready, I poured a cup of coffee and sat down with my toasted bagel and today’s newspaper. Wait, baby’s up!Upstairs I went to change his diaper and get him ready for the day. Then, I brought him downstairs to feed him while I enjoyed the first 9 minutes of Chelsea Lately(which I also DVR in case I have a few spare moments that require her perfect, inappropriate humor).

After baby’s burp, I went back upstairs to get dressed, brush my teeth, and put on my wedding ring. Out the door we went. I dropped baby off at daycare,worked until 12:15, and headed out to maximize my lunch hour. At home during lunch, I put leftovers in the microwave, put my now-cold breakfast in the garbage, and sat down to pump while I wrote two sympathy cards. As soon as I was done, I changed a load of laundry into the dryer, put another load in the wash, chopped a few vegetables for supper, and took out the garbage. I took my leftover pizza with me in the car while I ran by the post office and church. Then, back to the office to work for the afternoon before I pick baby up and head home to make supper and get on with the evening’s to-do list.

I’m not looking for sympathy or praise for what my typical day is like. I’m looking for a wife. To my girlfriends who do laundry, cook, run errands, get oil changes, write sympathy cards, eat leftovers, and take out the garbage…will you marry me?"

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Salt said...

Perfect picture, minus the dog. Unless Fido is licking envelopes so I can 'work from home.'

pam ballo said...

I too was inspired by Oprah's "Every Mom Needs a Wife" comment and started a blog to focus on the enormous truth of the statement.

You and your friend are invited to submit a post anytime, anywhere :-)

Check it out & enjoy: