Monday, June 15, 2009

Bedding design

My trouble is that sometimes I know what I want before it actually exists. Does anyone else have that trouble? I can picture in my head exactly what I'm looking for and plan it all out in my head....but then what? So, this is the case with my bedroom decor. I want desperately to change my master bedroom, but I don't want to paint. I actually haven't tired of the current color yet. So, with the color scheme I have now, I have been trying to find the perfect bedspread. The other day I found a pattern on a pillow and it is very similar to what I was imagining in my head. So it inspired me to just create my own bedding design.

Now, does anyone know a textile designer/seamstress/retail store to actually make it and sell it??? Too bad my name isn't Ty Pennington and I could just come up with my own line! Now, that would be fun!!
original pillow design came from Pillow Pagoda via a Dose of Design post.
right pattern, wrong color and wrong avenue.

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