Tuesday, August 4, 2009

All Representatives Are Busy....Please Hold

There was an interesting opinion article in the Minot Daily this weekend about customer service. It seems this woman was frustrated by the recent closing of the Minot MDU office to walk-in traffic. Of course, everyone has now been directed to a 1-800 number and she had experienced frustration with the "all representatives are busy...the wait time is 10 minutes" response. I don't blame her. How many of you are really getting frustrated by the lack of personal response these days? Calling 1-800 numbers seem to be the norm for smaller towns now that large corporations are 'integrating' and cutting costs. The most frustrating is when you dial the 1-800 and can't even understand the language they are speaking. Now that really yanks my chain.

I do have a few pieces of advice for this lady. (not that she'll ever read this) But in your frustration, please think of all those people that used to help you face to face that have now been put out of a job. Obviously, my immediate family has been affected by the recent layoffs at MDU. They have cut jobs across the board in small towns all across the midwest. They have pulled those valuable faces in communities from North Dakota and beyond that used to be able to help us with our needs. They have cut service men that used to be there for us when called. My advice would be to support these men and women in their new ventures. Some have started their own businesses and will be a great local resource for us. Encourage them and have patience with them as they now try to meet our needs all on their own. I know how hard it is to try and make a go of it with your own business.

Now, I know hundreds of jobs are incomparable to the thousands that are being lost across the United States. MDU must look at cost saving measures and this was one of them. I get it.


My last suggestion would be for MDU to really rethink their brand.
"In the Community to Serve"

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