Thursday, September 3, 2009

If a man can than I can

A friend of mine just gave me the heads up to this product making some news recently. It's a FUD (female urinary device) that folds up and fits neatly into your purse. Apparently the FUD (ok, I just love saying that name...FUD, FUD, FUD) isn't a new idea, as they have used it in Europe for years. Some of you may be completely disgusted by the idea, but some of you may be quite intrigued. I'll let you decide.

From the website:

If you camp, you’ll love GoGirl. If you ski, you’ll love GoGirl. If you
boat, you’ll love GoGirl. If you travel, you’ll love GoGirl. If you just want to
avoid the germs you find in nasty public toilets, you’ll love GoGirl. GoGirl is
for active women of all types and ages.

You have to admit, whether you love or hate the actual product idea, their marketing efforts should be commended. Personally, I love the logo and especially the tagline, Don't Take Life Sitting Down. The naming, GoGirl is clever and memorable. And I love how the logo mimics the women's public bathroom symbol in a playful manner. Kudos to their design/marketing team!

1 comment:

Scott Wild said... it pronounced "Food" or like Elmer Fudd?

I guess I'll never think of either the same again...

I think it could double as a micro-beer bong no "off" nights! ;)