Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Picture Day: 2009 style

What happened to the good ol' days of Picture Day; where you got one shot, take it or leave it. Ok, perhaps your mom and dad let you take advantage of Retake Day if your eyes were closed, but other then that, it was pretty much take what you get...curly tight perms, missing or crooked teeth, hair flyaways and all!

My coworker was recently showing me all the options now provided in the Jr. High Portrait Package. It's enough to stress any parent out. Standing option, sitting option, collage option, plain background, artsy background, black and white, etc. etc. etc. Not only that, but they now send the elementary kids home with their photo imprinted on everything from mugs to bookmarks...BEFORE they are even paid for. What parent wants to break their little one's heart and send them back to just be destroyed? Oh the horror. (oh the cleverness of the portrait company)

But the one thing that really caught my attention was the Retouching Option. You'd think I would be all for this idea, being a Photoshop junkie myself, but seriously? They will now remove blemishes, scars and flyaway hair, even skin tone, and whiten teeth! Really!?!? What little sixth grader needs their teeth whitened??

I say let the kids deal with it. Body image is hard at that age, but we really should encourage our kids to accept the way they are. We had to. And in the years to come, they can look back at themselves and laugh hysterically at how dorky they looked. Just like we do now!
picture courtesy of my very brave co-worker!


Anonymous said...

I'm in total awwww of your blog! Seriously....the things that must go through your mind!!!!

DailyRX said...

I only blog about a miniscule amount of things that go through my mind!

Scott Wild said...

Is that Rockin'?

Heather said...

I agree! Re-touching photos in 6th grade is definitely sending the wrong message! Who would suggest such a thing?