Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The site that was, but never will be

Folks, today I bring you BLACK or BLANK or NADA. Frustrated, disappointed and disheartened for the web project that was (sorta), but never will be. You see, our team had been working on a fantastic project that we were all very excited about. It was pretty much completed after many many hours and ready to launch for the whole world and my community to experience! Many people put their hearts into it. Not that we don't put our hearts into every project, but this one different. It was something we had never done before and something that no one in the region has done. For me, it took me beyond the mundane and got me more involved in the details. It's hard to explain without explaining what it was. But believe me, it was kick ass.

Unfortunately you will never see it. The project will be thrown onto the cutting room floor. I don't know what goes on behind the scenes, whether our client's management was too scared to be so innovative, or if they just didn't "get it." I will never know... I will try not to figure it out as it isn't my place to do so. And these things have happened before. We, as designers, have a whole pile of creations that are never seen; from logo concepts to web concepts and more. But this baby was beyond the concepting phase. This was an all out MACHINE!

Oh well. It is funny how an un-launch (my new term) can be so disappointing, though. As a positive, we did learn a lot from the project and will surely grow from it. It was a fun one and I thank my teammates for the challenge and collaboration.

So, who ever said we don't put our hearts into our jobs? Not me.

PS. To our client who may be reading this and thinking, "Hey, I think she's talking about me". We still love you and we sure hope you still love us!

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