Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Wednesday Web Rant

It's never fun when a client decides to leave and take their businesses to another provider, but it happens. My philosophy is that I hope we did all we can do to help them and provide a remarkable product for them, but in the end, if they choose to go elsewhere that is their prerogative and I wish them well.

But, there is one thing that DOES bother me in those cases and I don't blame it on the client per se. I blame it on the next developer. And usually I blame it on the 'non-designer' developer because I would hope that a fellow designer would have enough sense and respect to know better. Don't get me wrong. Each of us have our place in web world. I completely respect and admire developers and programmers. I love it even more when we all work together to produce a fantastic end product. But there are waaaaay too many one-stop-shops in web world today. And as the lines get blurred, the quality does too.

As a designer, we make choices for reasons. Each graphic, each photo, each font choice is specifically chosen to cohesively fit the overall brand and the overall design. Everything works together for a reason. When a new developer takes over and pieces together a 'redesigned' site, using some of the same graphic elements that you had originally designed, well, it annoys me. Seriously, if you are going to redesign it, come up with your own. Don't half-ass play off what has already been done. Each element loses its aesthetic value when it is bastardized and incorporated into another design. Not to mention, when you take the already compressed JPG and stretch it and re-save it and re-compress it, you lose quality.

It's such a tough case. There are so many web companies who can claim their worth in developing a website. But unfortunately, they don't have a lick of design background. They are developers, programmers, etc. Consumers sometimes don't know the difference and they definitely don't respect the difference.

For those of you that don't....I will never be able to explain it to you. But you'll know when you see it. You won't know why it speaks to you differently, but it will. That site, my friends, has been touched by a designer and more thought than you'll ever realize has been put into it. And to the next developer, don't recycle it either.


Salt said...

Bastardized. Wow. Good adjective.

Anonymous said...

Well said, you are so right, stick to what you do best and let the other professional do their job.