Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Our little girl is now home! After spending a week in the NICU and transitional nursery, the doctor gave Kella the go ahead to come home yesterday. What a little fighter! It is amazing how far she came in one week. We now continue to watch her temp and make sure she continues to eat. We will have to limit visitors for awhile, too.

Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers as we continue on our journey. Now all we have to do is get mommy feeling better....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

MaKella and Mommy

Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting and learning the story of Miss MaKella! All of our friends and family have been so good the last few days but I apologize if I haven't touched base with you personally to announce the new arrival. My recovery hasn't exactly been textbook so bare with me as I try to make myself stronger so I can be there for my little girl. It has been a whirlwind of a couple days. Also keep in mind that I am currently heavily medicated, so hopefully this makes sense! Thank you again for your continued prayers for both Kella and I as we continue on our journey to recovery!!

MaKella Gwyn Brekke was born January 11th at 3:29 am. She is considered pre-term and is currently in the NICU at Trinity. We had just completed our 35th week together, so she is about a month early. They couldn't stop my labor because my water broke, so at that point they started a pit drip to help things along. I labored from 9:00am Sunday morning until she arrived early Monday morning. It was a long day!!! We hadn't been in for our Group B checkup yet, so they also pushed penicillin while I labored. (this makes sense for those of you mommy's that have been there and done that....for those of you that haven't, pit drips and group B bacteria can be explained later). Anyway, more terminology to take in: while the anesthesiologist was doing my epidural, he ruptured the dura and went into the spine. After that kicked in though, she decided she wanted out NOW and we had to hold off pushing until the doctor arrived. (we had a locum, Dr. Brown. She was the one on call). Delivery went very well and it was so exciting to hear, "It's a Girl!"

Kella weighed 5 lbs. 11 oz and measured 18 inches. She has a little bit of dark hair like her mommy, but seems to look just like Carson did (daddy's features). She was placed in the NICU because her lungs weren't quite developed. She was lacking surfactant in her lungs and was having quite a time breathing. They say it is like when you go to blow up a balloon and it is really hard at first, that is what it felt like with every breath. She was 'grunting' as they call it. She was put on a c-pap to help her breath (hooked up to her nose) and also started on IV fluids and an antibiotic and also things to check her blood gas and oxygen levels.

In the meantime, mommy was trying to recover and rest from the long labor. Monday went well, but Tuesday I got the dreaded spinal headache (leaking spinal fluid from the injection site causes major headache). It is a positional headache so basically I was flat on my back all day long and not functional. I had one blood patch already to try and prevent it. So, instead of trying a second, I was hooked up to IV fluids and pushed caffeine and then tried medication. The medication whacked me out of brain (no barbiturates for Candy ever again!!!!) and it was awful. I wasn't even able to get up to see Kella until midnight when I could stand being vertical. Yesterday was better and we tried other medication and avoided a second blood patch. By last night I felt pretty good and I got to go home about 10 pm so I could sleep in my own bed. It was very hard to leave her there, but we know she is in the best hands.

Which brings me back to Kella....she made such big strides by yesterday. It is amazing what she has done in just a few days. They pulled the c-pap and moved her into her own incubator and then she was on regular oxygen and then by last night she was off oxygen and breathing on her own!!! Her levels look good. She even ate out of a bottle yesterday. Last night I got to hold her and we tried to feed, but we didn't get anywhere, so I got to hold her feeding tube and snuggle while she filled her tummy. Then daddy got to hold her while I tried to pump. (nothing working in that area quite yet, but it could be because of all the stuff I've been dealing with) She is also under the lights for bilirubin.

I am home today and still dealing with a headache and trying to pump and get things working. I also started to swell so they are having me stay off my feet and elevate. Daddy is up there now and he just called and said she is doing REALLY well. They are increasing her normal food vs. the food from the IV and they have now stopped the antibiotic. She continues to breath well on her own... I am now convinced that she is even stronger than mommy!!!!

I haven't even seen Carson since Sunday so I am anxious to see him tonight. Of course, he can't see Kella because children aren't allowed in the NICU. Also, if you were thinking of visiting and trying to peek through the window, that won't really work either, as she is off in a corner where you can't see her. I am going to try and put some pics up, but again, please have patience as I try to get myself a little stronger.

In the meantime, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your prayers. It means so much to us. Our little girl is getting stronger every day!!! Please say a prayer for Paul, too, as he continues to take care of both of his girls.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Talented Friend

Happy New Year everyone! Today I'm featuring a cute little painting done by my friend, Miss Nikkole. She's done custom painting in children's rooms on walls, but this time she took her talent to canvas and I just love how it turned out.