Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another favorite on Etsy

As we all know, croqueted items for babies are all the rage. From headbands to stocking caps, newsboy hats to slippers, hand-made is the way to go. The funny thing is that I actually have some hats and booties from when I was a little girl (authentic retro...yikes) that I can't wait to adorn my daughter with and take some fun photos!

I found this seller on Etsy that has become a favorite. Check out Simply J Crochet They're having a sale!
photo by Jamie Baldwin via the Simply J Crochet shop

Monday, March 29, 2010

A recycle or a rip off?

Ok, so I understand clients go to other providers. When they do, they own the design elements that we originally created for them. Call it recycling. Call it whatever you wish. When they switch providers though, most of the time only the 'back-end' is redeveloped. So, when does that recycle become a rip off? I've blogged about it before from a designers' prospective. But I'm really starting to tire of the next provider taking the design that I (my employer) did and then slap their name on the bottom. Of course people are going to think they designed it. Most users don't take the time to understand the difference between programming and design.

You did the programming. You did not do the design. Distinguish the difference in the disclaimer. Have a little respect. I respect the work you do. Please do the same.

case in point:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Lovely Find

Email Insider had a list of Email Superstars today, which brought me to this lovely site. They have some gorgeous finds. Unfortunately, a pillow will cost you $88 so I will just be admiring their products rather than buying. Too much of a budget buster for this underpaid designer.

They do have a fun 'refer a friend' program, though, which will get you and a friend a discount on purchases. Check it out.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Great t-shirts

Great t-shirts from graphic designers.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Latest

The latest web design, Bank of North Dakota and Student Loans of North Dakota.
This was one of those projects where I can't really remember how the original design looked, so I have a hard time claiming it all as my own. When you get to the point where Photoshop files are being tossed in by the client....well, you get my drift. I think the bulk of the design held up, though, so it gets added to The Latest list.

***cut-up and programming was done by another company

The Latest

The latest web design, International Music Camp, located in the beautiful Peace Gardens on the North Dakota/Canadian border. This was one of my most favorite projects I have ever worked on. We were able to visit the camp, which so happens to be located in my most favorite neck of the woods, the Turtle Mountains. I posted about it before, but being able to soak in the atmosphere of that place really inspired me while designing their website. I wish I could do that more often. They were the best clients to work with and really respected my artistic integrity...of course, being a liberal arts camp, they understood the fact that web design can be an art in itself. Anyway, I was happy with the result and I hope they were, too. I believe it showcases what a great place International Music Camp really is!

The Latest

The latest web design, Central Trenching Inc. in Minot, ND. They had some really cool photography to work with showing their various capacities...lots of texture and grit, just as I imagine their jobs can be like.

The Latest

The latest web design, the Dickinson Convention and Visitors Bureau in Dickinson, ND. This design was done to coorespond to the collateral they had already developed.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bloggin' and Babies

Well, now that I'm back to work I figured I would get back to bloggin'. Of course, since I have baby brain, I thought I would share a cute little find from Land of Nod. Check out this bottle drying rack. It's called the Grass Roots Drying Rack. How clever! And since bottle drying racks have to be out on the counter for so many months, why not have something cute and conversational?

see more adorable accessories here.