Monday, March 29, 2010

A recycle or a rip off?

Ok, so I understand clients go to other providers. When they do, they own the design elements that we originally created for them. Call it recycling. Call it whatever you wish. When they switch providers though, most of the time only the 'back-end' is redeveloped. So, when does that recycle become a rip off? I've blogged about it before from a designers' prospective. But I'm really starting to tire of the next provider taking the design that I (my employer) did and then slap their name on the bottom. Of course people are going to think they designed it. Most users don't take the time to understand the difference between programming and design.

You did the programming. You did not do the design. Distinguish the difference in the disclaimer. Have a little respect. I respect the work you do. Please do the same.

case in point:

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Salt said...

They could at least change the disclaimer to 'design and programming originally by inet technologies' or 'design and programming by more awesome agency than recreated this newly copyrighted site."