Thursday, April 8, 2010

Must Have Not

I have read a few posts and status updates lately from some mommy friends which made me think of things you just MUST HAVE for baby...until the second one arrives...and the third...and the fourth...The so called 'must haves' become almost comical by the time your second child arrives. And believe me, I had them all with my first and they have now become part of the garage sale pile. Don't get me wrong, some of them were very useful and handy the first time around. Maybe I'm just more tired this time and the nuance has worn off. You pretty much do what you have to do and use whatever works...So, here is my list for all you first time moms. Save your money for diapers and think twice before adding these to your list.

1. Wipes warmer
Just the other day, my cousin was horrified by the fact that I didn't have a wipes warmer for my baby. It was like I was abusing the poor child by not making the wipe the most soothing temperature for her precious bottom.

Here's a scenario: Your little one has been soothed by the nice warm feeling of the tepid wipe several times a day for weeks. Then one day you find yourself at the store and you're faced with a big blow out. You scurry to the changing table...but where's your wipes warmer now mama? That's right. Poor peanut's little tooshie is 'tortured' with a cold wipe. The only things she's thinking is "WHA????" as the screaming ensues.

Ok, that was a little dramatic. But seriously, a cold wipe is not the end of the world.

2. Cart cover

You know, that thing you place over the cart as you shop to keep the kid either entertained or sanitized, I'm not sure which. I received one of these with my first child. No offense, but I never remembered to take it with. My theory: Slap a little Purell on the cart and you're good to go. (of course my child was never one to suck on the in that case, maybe it would be useful)

3. Bottle warmer

Used it incessantly for the first....microwaves and warm tap water for the second. Yes, I know. I'm a terrible mom. And yes, I would rather have not bothered with either and just nursed my child the whole time, but that's another story.

4. Diaper Genie

I used this for awhile the first time. Couldn't really get into it. My theory: Throw the diapers in the garbage. Garbage starts to stink. Take the garbage out. Simple.

There's my two cents for the day. I would love to hear from my fellow mommy friends on what they thought was a complete waste or what they couldn't live without.


Salt said...

Personally, I would add the following: (1) baby bathtub (2) nursing tent (3) cloth nursing pads (4) books that will help your baby sleep better.

DailyRX said...

What the ?? is a nursing tent?

Salt said...

Nursing tent: nursing coverup allowing mothers to nurse while keeping private. It basically functions like a large apron so your chest and baby are covered, but you can peek through the top to see what the heck you're doing. What ever happened to just draping a blanket over yourself...or leaving the room...or charging for the peepshow?