Friday, May 21, 2010

A comment from Ad Age article " A look back at 10 Ideas that changed the marketing world'

There is one, consistent theme that runs through each and every one of the campaigns listed above. Something that is in very short supply these days.


Courage on the part of the marketing and advertising professionals, but more importantly, the courage of the people running the companies who gave the green light for all of these ground-breaking campaigns.

Each one of these ads could have been killed at any moment by an apprehensive CMO, CEO, or Board of Directors (as they almost did with the Apple ad). It seems the current climate of our culture is to calculate and conform. To shy away from bold moves or the breaking of molds for fear of failure and ridicule. As if a fall from grace would be a fatal, unrecoverable defining moment for all involved. Which, of course, is ridiculous and proven wrong by every measure of history.

Every great individual, from sports heroes to paradigm changing scientists to cultural icons, all have the same story: Failure, failure, failure until that life changing success.

Now, some may say, "But I can't afford all those failures before the success." To that I say, "Then jump off a roof and get it over with!"

Life, ultimately, ends in failure. The failure of breathing, heartbeat, etc.

So, what will YOU do before that failure arrives? Play it safe and disregard the miracle of your existence...or take the life you've been given, and the hard work you've done to attain your position, and leave your mark on something other than the living room couch?

Courage. Posses it and you may fail, but you'll never be a failure.

Richard Todd Aguayo

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