Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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The latest web design.
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Candy's Corner

Those that know me well know that I have an affinity for lovely decor. I am an interior designer wannabe. Not to mention, I love to shop! Unfortunately a web designer's salary doesn't allow for much shopping and neither does having a small house. So luckily my friends and family have given me free reign to do their decor shopping for them!

One of my favorite places to go and soak it all in is at iKeating Furniture World, a locally owned furniture store featuring Ashley products. I find so many beautiful things there and I just want to tell people about them. Well, now I get to do just that! I will be sharing my 'sweet finds' with everyone and giving some ideas for decorating your space. My first article (heavily edited by our REAL writers) will be featured in this month's Furniture Focus email newsletter. So, if you want some tips and want to see some of the cool items that I find at iKeating,  subscribe to their email newsletter and look for Candy's Corner!

I'm so excited! RETAIL THERAPY FOR ALL! :-)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Things I should be allowed to say

This is taken directly from Seth Godin's Blog entry, How to live happily with a great designer.

1.If you want average (mediocre) work, ask for it. Be really clear up front that you want something beyond reproach, that's in the middle of the road, that will cause no controversy and will echo your competition. It'll save everyone a lot of time.

2.On the other hand, if you want great work, you'll need to embrace some simple facts:

3.It's going to offend someone. If it doesn't offend them, then it will make them nervous. The Vietnam Vets memorial offended a lot of people. The design of Google made plenty of people nervous. Great work from a design team means new work, refreshing and remarkable and bit scary.

4.It's not going to be easy to sell to your boss. That's your job, by the way, not mine. If you want me to do something great, you've got to be prepared to protect it and defend it. Come back too many times for one little compromise, and you'll make it clear that #1 was what you wanted all along.

5.You can't tell me you'll know it when you see it. First, you won't. Second, it wastes too much time. Instead, you'll need to have the patience to invest twenty minutes in accurately describing the strategy. That means you need to be abstract (what is this work trying to accomplish) resistant to pleasing everyone (it needs to do this, this and that) and willing, if the work meets your strategic goal, to embrace it even if it's not to your taste.

6.Help me out by pointing out the work you'd like this to be on a peer with. If you want a website to be like three others (in tone, not in execution) then point it out. In advance.

7.Be clear about dates and costs. Not what you hope for, but what you can live with!

8.You don't know a lot about accounting so you don't backseat drive your accountant. You hired a great designer, please don't backseat drive here, either.

9.If you want to be part of the process, please go to school. Read design magazines or take a course from Milton Glaser or get a subscription to Before & After. By the way, that one link is the single best part of this post.

10.This one may surprise you: don't change your existing design so often. Not when your kids or your colleagues tell you it's time. Do it when your accountant says so.

11.Don't get stressed about your logo.

12.Get very stressed about user interface and product design. And your packaging.

13.Say thank you.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's in a name?

Have you ever thought about the importance of choosing the right name for your business? Where do you see yourself in the marketplace? Who are you trying to target? What is your brand strategy? There are so many things to consider.

A few friends and I had an interesting conversation on FB the other day regarding this topic. For instance, one of them had never stepped foot in a DressBarn because by having the word Barn in the name, it was completely insulting to her. The other friend just assumed by the name that it was a store solely for overweight females. Ouch. For years I thought Burlington Coat Factory was, well, a store full of just coats. It did, indeed, start that way in the 1920's, but as it evolved, do you think they should have thought of a name change?

It's interesting to see what people think of your business by name alone. What are your thoughts? Have you come across companies whose name threw you for a loop or even stopped you from patronizing them?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Design in a bag

Just ran across this juicy little site for the interior design wanna-bes in us all. Now if only I could afford a bathroom and kitchen re-do!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ok, call it a Chevy. It's all good.

Great (and fast) response from GM. Love it.


Don't call it a Chevy

Well, the topic of conversation seems to be revolving around major car company branding lately. Toyota yesterday, Chevy today. According to this article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, General Motors has acquired a new ad agency and with it came a memo to all Chevrolet employees requesting them to communicate their brand as Chevrolet, rather than the shorthand version of Chevy. I understand the agency's point of trying to stay consistent with the brand, but frankly, I think it's a waste. What's next? Am I going to walk onto the lot and have a salesmen try to sell me a General Motors Company Yukon? We are living in a world of acronyms, texting and 140 characters. Good luck with this one, Chevrolet.

My name is Candace, but you can call me Candy. I don't mind.

original New York Time article here.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Toyota Gets It Right

I absolutely love Toyota's campaign for the Sienna van and this video is just the frosting on the cake. For those of you that know me, you know I rock my mama van! Slap a UL sticker ( a little swag, baby!) on the back and the Sienna family will be just as cool as me. HA! Seriously, though, way to relate to my demographic. Kudos to their agency on this one.

There's been mixed reviews on Toyota's recent attempt, but from this mommy's perspective, "Mommy Like."

I'll just say Ditto to this post.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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The latest web design, Minot International Airport

Thursday, June 3, 2010

OH MY MY MY Inspiration

Ho..ly..cow I am so inspired right now. Just discoverd The Knack. Beautiful and so creative!!! I want to go home right now and create create create.  Do you realize how many pieces of furniture I have sold at garage sales when I could have been putting a creative touch on them instead? Can I just quit my day job and do the things that inspire me the most!??!?

We Are Marshall...2010 Edition

Just came across this uplifting story (thanks KK) and found it ironic that their name is Marshall, especially after watching "We Are Marshall" again this weekend. I'm not sure why I watch that movie...it just makes me cry too much...but I guess a little dose of MSQUARED (Matthew McConaughey and Matthew Fox) doesn't hurt. Anyway, I digress. Check out this story for a little enlightenment for the day.

image snagged from ESPN via indystar.com

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bit.ly, RT, Friend, Group, Fan, Like, #help...Confused by it all?

If this new way of communication has you confused, may I suggest a little visit from my dear friend, Scott Wild? As an internet marketing strategist, Scott will guide you through the world of social media and help you utilize new media as it pertains to your business strategy. As a speaker, Scott will engage you, encourage you and entertain you all in one presentation! 

Our company has also evolved over the last few years and we currently help businesses with their online marketing efforts, in addition to traditional media. Our team is lead by Digitial Media Strategist, Michael Pierce.

I've learned so much in the past few years and I'm eager to learn even more. It's an exciting time. Is your business on board?