Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Simple Solution

I must share my recent outdoor decorating solution. Let me preface the story...I am a clone of my grandmother. In more ways than one. One thing we both love to do is re-decorate or re-furbish, or as my relatives like to say, "slap a coat of paint on just about anything". We are both constantly changing our decor and getting sick of the current color schemes we have throughout our houses. My grandma is worse than me. Probably because she has more time to do such things. Anyway, so as my cousin is removing her old shutters from her house, naturally my grandma said she would take them and do something with them. (that's our famous phrase...we always think we'll do something with it) So, grandma paints them and keeps them for awhile. I have no idea what she did with them. Well, it came time for grandma to move, so we were clearing out things and before my relatives threw away the shutters, they put them aside because they were sure Candy would do something with them.

I'm proud to say that I did find a cute little use for them. They have now become my clever little way to cover up the ugly gas meter on the side of my house! Wha La!

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