Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Looking for something to do?

Here are some events that are happening in the next few weeks. Good times in Minot!! Get out and enjoy our community.
· August 28 – Rock the Leaves - Oak Park
· August 31 – Young Professionals Quarterly Meeting
· September 3 – 6 – Motor Magic – ND State Fairgrounds
· September 16 – Downtown Minot Wine Walk
· September 18 – Garlic & Grape Festival – Minot Auditorium
· September 22 – Community Block Party and Beaver Fun Run/Walk – MSU
· September 23 – Business After Hours – Verendrye Electric 
· September 24-25 – Funktion Junktion fall show - Carnegie Center
· September 25 – Kiwanis Pancake Day – Minot Auditorium 7 a.m. – 2 p.m.
· September 25 – MSU Homecoming Parade, Tailgating and Football game and YP Barley Pop Event
· September 28 – October 2 – Norsk Hostfest – ND State Fair Center
· Wednesday, October 6 – Y’s Men’s Rodeo Business After Hours
· October 7 – 10 - Y’s Men’s Rodeo – ND State Fairgrounds

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Monday, August 23, 2010

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An inspiring story

Event Really Does Bring Out the Best In Kids

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to see our hard work come to fruition through the first-ever youth golf tournament held by the Minot Optimist Club, of which I am a member. We wanted to provide a great event for families and children and hoped the event would be well received. For months, planning had been underway and many local businesses really stepped up to the plate in support of the event. We received generous donations in terms of prizes and money for prizes and were able to offer items such as flatscreen TVs, laptops and Wii game systems.

I had never planned an event like this and was anxious that day, hoping that we could provide a fun day for all. As to be expected, there were a few bumps in the road that happen behind the scenes and we, as a club, learned a lot from it. The turnout was fantastic and overall the day was great, but I couldn't help but be bothered by a few things.

I was a little surprised by the behavior of some parents and grandparents at the event. It sure seems like there is an attitude of entitlement these days and less appreciation of what is really important in life. I was really amazed by the things that parents and grandparents found to complain about, even though we were trying our hardest to provide a nice event for all. After all, this was an OPTIMIST event, right?

Now, I'm new to bringing my kids to events such as this because mine are so young. After talking to fellow moms and dads, they say that this is to be expected. I can only hope that I will remember the big picture while my kids start to get involved in the community.

Anyway, it actually wasn't until after the event where something really special happened. I was feeling a little down and worried about whether everyone had enjoyed the day. It broke my heart to see some little ones walk away with nothing, while others received the 'big prizes.' We debated whether next year to include prizes for all or just chalk it up to a lesson learned that not everyone can win a prize. My niece happened to be one of the big winners that day, walking away with a brand new Wii game system. And although she was excited, her family actually already had one. I had told her the story of the little boy who played with her in the tournament and how he had such hopes of winning that Wii. You see, his friends had made fun of him because he didn't have the fancy game systems that they did. He wanted so badly to win that prize! Well, my little ten year old niece made the decision to give up her Wii to that little boy. On the box, she simply placed a note that read, "I hope you like this. It comes with a free game and stuff. From your friend, Cayley."

Wow. Now that is a lesson we can all learn from. And it really eased my mind knowing that our event really did live up to the Optimist Motto: Bringing Out The Best In Kids. And this auntie couldn't have been more proud!

More (lovely) local talent

Today I bring you the work of It's Lovely Here featuring vintage modern jewelry hand-made right here in Minot! I went to college with Miss Amanda and while she is a talented designer, I can almost bet her real passion lies in creating these lovely pieces. I believe she has taken the leap to doing this fulltime (jealous!) so check out her store and support a local talent!

PS. Check out the way she photographs her jewelry. It is almost as fun as the jewelry itself! Love it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

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