Thursday, December 9, 2010

Candy's Corner

I had the pleasure of writing another article for iKeating Furniture World's email newsletter. I thought I would share it.

Candy's Corner: Trends and Traditions: A Great Mix

The holiday season has a lot to love, but my favorite activity each year is decorating! I'm not a great cook and I don't bake, so refreshing my decor with a seasonal twist is my passion over the holidays. It's easy to spruce up your home with a few simple changes or you can go all out and make your home an even more inviting haven for holiday guests.

I love to find ways to incorporate my treasured old ornaments and decorations into new trendy decorating ideas each year. Browsing through the unique holiday accessories during a recent trip to I. Keating Furniture World inspired some new ideas for my home this season.

Of course, the staple decoration for most families is the Christmas tree. A trend for trees this year is large ornamental bulbs, paired with floral and ribbon. Words, which are making a statement in every area of decor, have found their way into Christmas decor, too. At I. Keating "comfort" and "joy" adorned a tree, along with ornaments and lights. Adding a hint of nature can create another angle for your tree -- try floral, berries or even branches as ornaments.

Beyond the tree, metal pieces can make a statement in your rooms, along with traditional textures. Try replacing pillows with holiday hues of reds and greens or gold and silver. A red throw on the back of a chair adds a splash of holiday color.

Wall hangings and pictures can even be replaced for the season. I like to fill my picture frames with photos from past Christmases. It's easy to keep those photos slipped behind the ones you have out year round. Another great idea is to fill your frames with holiday paper or scrapbook paper to add an extra pop. Frames can even be replaced completely with special silver or gold ones you bring out just for the season.

And don't forget the kids' rooms! Small trees, along with snowflakes or lights. make great additions to their space. I have small children, so Christmas lights provided a nice twist to traditional night lights.

These are just a few of my favorite tips for the season. A fresh take on decorating can make this holiday season even merrier, so get in the spirit by picking up a few accessories from any of the four I. Keating Furniture World locations.

Candy is a creative director and designer who finds inspiration in the many options available for indoor and outdoor living at I. Keating Furniture World.

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