Friday, January 21, 2011

First Birthday Winter Candyland

I'm so excited to finally show you the pics from my daughter's first birthday! While I am no Hostess With the Mostest or Martha Stewart, I was completely inspired by them. The Winter Candyland theme was an idea snatched from Fresh Chick Design Studio with my personal design touch. We had plenty of WINTER and SNOW this year, so combined with many sweet treats from Sweet & Flour, it turned out to be one SWEET first birthday fitting of our theme! I have never had so much fun planning a party! Not too bad for a first try, right?

My partner in providing all the goodies for the party was Sweet & Flour, a BRAND NEW bakery/catering business by Pastry Chef Shanda Cool. And as luck would have it, her (fellow graphic designer) hubby Patrick Sheldon was kind enough to get some sweet snaps of the event!

I actually had more planned for the event display, but when the guests start arriving you must drop the ribbons, candy and curls and greet them! (ah, the lack of time....get's me everytime!)

Guests were greeted with plenty of snow and candy/snowflake/penguin sticks

No party is complete without special artwork for the birthday girl from big brother. The event was held at the Carnegie Center and they have all guests sign their guestbook.

The display!

Sweet & Flour had various cookies. The Dress Me Up platter was something I had from back in the Southern Living at Home days!

Chef Shanda holds up the inspiration for the party, sweet little penguins and snowmen plates and napkins found at the after Christmas sale at Target. More detail to follow on how I pulled off the most frugal first birthday party ever!

We have some members of the family and their kids who have Celiac Disease, so Chef Shanda made special GLUTEN FREE cupcakes especially for them, coupled with cupcake picks I designed.

**All photos by Patrick Sheldon

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