Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Great Kids Activity for Valentine's Day

Hey baby it's cold why not take advantage of it with a fun project this Valentine's Day? My son and I had a great time creating this simple outdoor decoration. To make your own, simply fill heart shaped cake pans with water, add food coloring and place outside over night. We decided we wanted to hang them so we dipped the tips of ribbon into the top of the pan and let the loop hang out. We plan on filling our pans each night until Valentine's Day and hanging them on the tree outside. It's been so much fun!!

Another great use of colored water is to 'paint' the snow. This past weekend we filled up squirt bottles with colored water and had a great time coloring the snow outside.

You certainly have to think out of the box this time of year to keep kids entertained. I guess this is one good reason to enjoy the freezing temps!

For more fabulous family activities, visit Family Fun. I get a lot of ideas and inspiration from the site and the magazine!

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