Thursday, March 24, 2011

Adorable Aprons

A friend of mine will be selling these cute little toddler aprons at Montessori's Craft Show this Saturday from 9am - 2pm. She will have full aprons as well. :) The craft show is located at the Montessori School's gym, just north of the Minot Air Force Base. The small ones are only $15 and the full sized are only $20. Go check it out!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Candice Handbag

This Candace is constantly losing things in her purse but now I've found the perfect solution! A clear handbage by Candice Handbags. What do you think?

Found on Amazon

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

NYC's Anti-Sugar PSAs

We've all heard of PSA's that educate us on the effects of smoking, drinking alcohol, seat belt use, etc. but I came across these PSA's from the New York City Health Department warning us of the dangers of consuming too much sugar. Yep, sugar. Or more specifically, sugar filled drinks such as cola and sweet tea. I found the comments just as interesting (as I usually do) as the 'ads' themselves.

One reader felt that this is pure tax wasting propaganda, while others were moved by it; enough perhaps to make a change themselves.

One thing is certain. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes is becoming rampant in this country and apparently the choices we are making as consumers are not helping. If we develop effective campaigns to change what we put into our bodies (i.e. tobacco use) or to take steps to protect ourselves (i.e. use seat belts, don't txt and drive), then why not anti-sugar campaigns? If this or any other PSA prompts an action to change for the better, I think that is a positive. I applaud NYC's efforts. It sure made me think twice when I went to the fridge this morning!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rolls and Ruffles

We made a trip down to the Fun Center recently for Miss MaKella's one year pics. As always, Jamie at Otis and James captured my little girl perfectly. This picture is one of my favorites. Before too long those rolls will be gone and my little girl will be replacing bloomers for bikinis... SIGH.

The adorable baby bloomers are from RuffleButts.