Thursday, April 14, 2011

The latest logo

Logo for Minot YP After Hours

Monday, April 11, 2011

And this one's a keeper

I originally intended to put this one up for sale, but it tugged at my heartstrings and I ended up keeping it. It found a nice little home on my kitchen wall.  

This is a lyric in the Van Zant song, Help Somebody.

My latest paintings for sale

A couple 16 x 20s I did recently

My latest painting has courage

This is a piece I just finished for a co-worker. She requested the word COURAGE.

Paintings, paintings and more paintings

I recently submitted four of my pieces to the Everything But The Kitchen Sink show at 62Doors. I've never had them on display before, so this was new for me. I figured they may as well adorn the walls of 62 rather than sit in my storage room waiting for someone to buy them!

It was a fun experience and I will hopefully submit more things in the future. If you get a chance, head downtown and stop by 62Doors. There is a lot of great work from area artists.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Ladybug First Birthday Party

door sign


photo holders

display table

party design

cupcake toppers

buffet cards


beverage wraps

favor tags
I had the priviledge of designing and decorating a first birthday party this past weekend. While it was yucky outside, it was a sign of spring indoors at the lady bug themed party! The whole idea came from the book Five Little Ladybugs, which mom said was this little one's favorite! I wanted to base the design off the colors from the book, along with a ladybug theme, but yet, not go too overboard with ladybugs everywhere! I think the use of colors and patterns turned out nicely and a few ladybug/leaf/outdoor touches were brought together to create quite an adorable display. The cake decorator provided the cupcakes and cake. She did a great job decorating the cake based on the designs I sent her.

The best part about this party was the fact that my son was able to help me in the process. We sat down together to create the little ladybug photo holders as an added bonus to the package. We took styrofoam balls and cut them in half. Mr. Man then painted them all in shades of red and yellow. I added black dots and used flower wire for the antennas to stick photos in.

For more photos, visit eyecandy on Facebook.

A Wild Party at the Taube!

We had such a creative fun-filled much to share today! For those of you that aren't aware, the Taube Museum in town is not only a fabulous art gallery, but they also offer an opportunities to introduce children to the world of art and creation. One of the ways they do this is by holding children's birthday parties where the kids can create to their little hearts' desire.

My son's little friend turned 5 and invited us to his Madagascar themed party. The kids had a great time creating zebra hats, painting giraffes pictures and creating cute little penguins. The penguin idea was adorable. Simply use old black film cases for the body, felt pieces for the wings, Styrofoam for the iceberg and packing peanuts for ice chunks. Top it off with a colorful lid for the penguins pool! All of the projects are led by Margaret Lee, their education coordinator, and the kids have a blast. (Mom was kinda jealous of their art room...wish I had such a space!)

I highly recommend the Taube for your next birthday party!!