Friday, May 13, 2011

Student Web Design!

I had the pleasure of team teaching the Digital Design class this semester at Minot State University. What a talented group of students! I just had to showcase their final projects. I'm so very proud of them all!!

The project consisted of branding a 'new business' in town, Doorstep Deliveries. The business model was to provide a grocery shopping service online, local delivery and additional interactive features throughout the site. Once the logo was developed, we explored site architecture and developed our site map.

Each student took it a different direction and it was great to hear their rationale behind their concept. Their solutions to the creative brief and site architecture were all solved in a variety of ways, each visually communicating appropriately.

They designed (Photoshop) and developed their sites, everything from color, photography and font choice, to slicing and development (Dreamweaver). Some used HTML while others used CSS.

Our last step was to market the new site through banner advertisements. (not shown here)

Take a peek...I will showcase more next week!

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I wish it was for real.