Monday, May 23, 2011

Swimsuit Company Keeps It REAL!

Dear Mommies, you will appreciate this...

Swimsuit season is fast approaching and as we all start digging in the bottom drawer for last season's suit, it weighs on us what we are NOT looking forward to. I HATE swimsuit shopping. Mostly I hate it because the suits look adorable on the models, but are nowhere near that cute on an average mom's body! I have never found a suit locally that can do a normal body justice. A few years ago I discovered Cyberswim online. They know how to make a suit for REAL bodies. It is worth the few extra bucks you'll shell out to suck and tuck and lift in the right areas.

I visited their site recently to check out anything new this year and found the Real Life Makeover gallery. HALLELUJAH!!!!!! No stick thin models, no Photoshoping...just REAL women showcasing their Miraclesuit swimwear. BRAVO Cyberswim!

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