Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hello? Hello?....Is this thing on?

Tales of the Invisible Web Staff.

{Web designer reviews site architecture for new project.}
Web designer, "There isn't a Contact Us in the navigation. Are you sure they don't want to include this?"
Programmer, "I also noticed there isn't a prominant Contact Us in the navigation. Shouldn't there be?"
Account staff, "Nope, the Contact Us is no longer part of the navigation."
Web designer, "I'm just thinking that this is a vital piece that is missing. Are you positive they didn't want it?"
Account staff, "Yes."

{Design is shown to client and feedback from client presented to web designer and programmer.}
"Contact Us-We need to add contact us to the main navigation."


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Anonymous said...

it would be weird if it was any other way - wouldn't it?