Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Well Excuse Me, But I Think You've Got My Chair

Pier 1 chair {{Inspiration}}

Pier 1 chair {{Inspiration}}

The original

Green chair detail

Red chair detail {{LOVE!}}

Red chair detail

Green chair detail
My two little beauties
 I'm giving you a sneak peek of what I'm currently working on mid-project because I am so happy with the way they are turning out. These are going to be my 'new' kitchen chairs.

The top two photos were my inspiration. I had been browsing dining room sets at Pier1. But instead of spending over $400 on chairs, I thought I would try and utilize what I already have. We have had this dining set forever and it was originally a hand-me-down so I really had nothing to lose if they didn't turn out.

My plan was to add a pop of color and paint each chair a different color and I am really loving the results. It wasn't until I added the 'antiqued' layer of black paint that they really came to life. It revealed such awesome characteristics in the wood!

Old chairs + spray paint + black paint = a hip style adding color and creativity to your dining room!

Next up: turquoise and orange!


mamma-licious said...

aghh.. I was just there and saw the teal/orange/brown. leather chairs and thought the same thing.. but I think pulling off the letter would be a bit tougher than the paint :) They look great!

DailyRX said...

I might actually buy two of the upholstered patterned ones to go on each end. (if I ever get a leaf for my table)

Throw pillows said...

These chairs are so fantastic!! Absolutely fabulous!!