Monday, October 10, 2011

Fun Fall Project for Kids

Our variety of leaves from our yard

Pressing the leaves on to contact paper

Our leaf tree

Last weekend my kids and I had a great time gathering leaves from our yard for a fun fall project. I remember doing this as a kid when we learned about the different types of trees. I wanted to make an indoor 'tree' for the kids to preserve some of fall's spectacular colors. It seems as though we only get a few weeks of turning leaves before they die and blow away around here.

We carefully pressed them in a book all week to flatten them. In the meantime, I had gathered some dead branches and spray painted them brown. I wanted a richer brown than what they were... Next, we placed them in between contact paper to seal them and cut around the edges, added a hole on top and added black string to hang them. We placed the branches in a large vase that I had on hand. They had a blast hanging them on the branches, pretending it was like decorating the Christmas tree! Our little tree turned out pretty cute!

This project was inspired by Family Fun's Leaf Mobile!

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