Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Bit of MSU History

I've always said I am an exact clone of my grandma on my mother's side. I was blessed with her creativity and independence and unfortunately cursed with much of the same ailments! We are like two peas in a pod...always have been. But I am finding more and more the influence of my paternal grandma's genes in me, too! She was a teacher and I would have never thought that I, too, would enjoy the field of education. I have apparently come from a long line of educators on this side of my family.

Also like my paternal grandma, I tend to hold onto things and cherish little mementos. I am sure glad she was the same way as I just found the original diploma she had saved from her mother. I find it fascinating that my great-grandmother was part of the first graduating class of Minot State University, then called Normal School. Even more fascinating is the fact that I am holding an almost 100 year old diploma in my hands!

As MSU approaches it's 100 year celebration in 2013, it makes me proud that a little part of me is following in these women's footsteps. While teaching at MSU is just a very small portion of my time, it feels good being tied to the University in more ways than one.

Take a peek at my great-grandmother's diploma. (and the BeAuTiFuL hand lettering!!!)

1914 MSU/Normal School Diploma


Love the hand lettering!

President Crane (i.e. Crane Hall!)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Deck the Halls!

Have I told you how much I love Christmas decorating?!?!? I LOVE CHRISTMAS DECORATING! This is the earliest I have ever started, but we got the living room painted this weekend so I was anxious to let the magic begin. :-) Here is my most favorite decoration so far. I painted these wooden letters last year, but I really wasn't happy with how I displayed them. They look a little like Uppercase Living letters on this photo, but they are actually just thin wooden letters I picked up from Hobby Lobby and painted dark brown. I put two hooks into the wall and placed a birch branch across them and then hung the letters from that so they dangle down and cast a shadow from the mantel's white lights. Now, this may not be the best way to attach a birch branch to a wall, but I tend to do things on a whim when I have a creative idea in my head! So far it has worked just fine and I'm pretty happy with it.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Easy Upcycle

Sharing my mom's recent project. This was actually a desk that I had from my husband's grandmother. My mom gussied it up with a bright white paint job and some adorable new handle pulls. She also painted the chair to match. Or perhaps my dad was the master painter....not sure, but it turned out adorable regardless. I don't have the "before" photo, but it was your typical 70's brown. Now it will make a lovely addition to a bright sunroom.

Friday, November 11, 2011

In honor of 11.11.11 and Paula Scher

The number 1 from the Number Series by Paula Scher

Friday, November 4, 2011

Adult Halloween Party Decor

I posted some pics over on my eyecandy page of the recent party I helped decorate. So much fun!! Check it out!