Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Bit of MSU History

I've always said I am an exact clone of my grandma on my mother's side. I was blessed with her creativity and independence and unfortunately cursed with much of the same ailments! We are like two peas in a pod...always have been. But I am finding more and more the influence of my paternal grandma's genes in me, too! She was a teacher and I would have never thought that I, too, would enjoy the field of education. I have apparently come from a long line of educators on this side of my family.

Also like my paternal grandma, I tend to hold onto things and cherish little mementos. I am sure glad she was the same way as I just found the original diploma she had saved from her mother. I find it fascinating that my great-grandmother was part of the first graduating class of Minot State University, then called Normal School. Even more fascinating is the fact that I am holding an almost 100 year old diploma in my hands!

As MSU approaches it's 100 year celebration in 2013, it makes me proud that a little part of me is following in these women's footsteps. While teaching at MSU is just a very small portion of my time, it feels good being tied to the University in more ways than one.

Take a peek at my great-grandmother's diploma. (and the BeAuTiFuL hand lettering!!!)

1914 MSU/Normal School Diploma


Love the hand lettering!

President Crane (i.e. Crane Hall!)

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